Would you shave your head for a music video?

I am going to visit a bridal makeup artist Manchester in a few weeks to get a consultation for a new look for my face. The reason? I am going to be shaving my head for a music video I am going to be in, but I still want my makeup to look feminine. Even if I will be walking around without hair for a few months.

All my life, I have wanted to shave my head but have never had the opportunity to do it due to needing to look a certain more acceptable way for work.

Nowadays, however, I work for myself so, when a friend asked me if I would like to be in his new music video but, then told me it would require shaving my head, I jumped at the chance. After all, not only have I always wanted a shaved head, now I have an excuse to do it.

Even with a shaved head, though, I still want to look feminine. Hence, the makeup consultation. Let’s face it, even women with no hair can still be beautiful.